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About Tom Banchoff

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Tom Banchoff's home page includes links to many of his courses, a bibliography, and some of his projects. His CV is available on line as well. He also has a new experimental home page that is being developed by one of his student assistants. This is still under construction, but includes a more natural interface and more up-to-date information.

There are a number of short articles about Tom Banchoff and his work available on the web:

Exploring the Fourth Dimension on the Internet:
It's Not Just Time Anymore
This is an announcement of a talk given by Professor Banchoff at Calvin College in November 2000. It includes a Real Audio version of the complete talk (following a benediction and introduction).

The Fourth Dimension
This is an announcement for a talk that Banchoff gave at Fairfield University in 1998, but it includes biographic information, several pictures of him and his mathematics, quotations from students, and a portion of his CV.

MAA President Elect Visits BU (pdf)
This is a 1998 newletter from the Student Chapter of the MAA of Boston University. It contains an extensive article about Tom Banchoff and his mathematical artwork from when he visited that chapter as the president-elect of the MAA.

RI Professor of the Year
This is an article from the George Street Journal, a publication of Brown University, including an interview with Professor Banchoff after he received the Rhode Island Professor of the Year Award in 1997, conferred by the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement for Teaching.

The Best Homework Ever?
This is an article in the Brown Alumni Magazine that describes a homework assignment turned in by Cassidy Curtis, a student with remarkable artistic abilities. Professor Banchoff considers this to be the best overnight homework turned in by any student, in any field, ever!

60th Birthday Web Site
This is a web site commemorating Banchoff's 60th birthday in 1998. It includes numerous pictures, drawings and writings, from Tom's younger days, and has a soundtrack of his grand-children singing "Happy Birthday".

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