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Computer Graphics in Mathematical Research

In 1978, Banchoff gave a paper at the ICM conference in Helsinki that discussed five projects related to computer graphics. These developed into themes that he revisted over and over again, and 25 years later, in 2002, he gave a follow-up paper at the ICMS conference in Bejing that was a retrospective on these five topics. This poster illustrates the graphics available then and now, and gives an indication of the different mathematics that are suggested when the same object is viewed in two different ways. As with so much of Banchoff's recent work, there is an associated interactive electronic poster that explains the mathematics that appear in the poster, and links to a copy of the paper presented at the 2002 ICMS.

[Link] Interactive ICMS poster
[Link] Paper from the ICMS 2002 conference (pdf 2MB)

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