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Dimension Cornucopia

This image was developed for Math Awareness Month, April 2000, whose theme was "Math Spans All Dimensions". It appeared as the central icon for the poster, which introduced a new concept for Math Awareness Month, the interactive poster. In it, the various elements of the poster were linked to discussions of the underlying mathematics, the mathematicians and artists shown on the poster, and lists of related web sites.

The spiral illustrates a building up of dimensions: it begins with zero-dimensional points at the tail of the spiral, and then becomes a 1-dimensional curve that forms the backbone of the cone. This widens to form a 2-dimensional strip following the spiral, and then thickens to indicate a three-dimensional solid. Finally, it opens out, suggesting the possibility of further dimensions yet to come.

This image appeared on MAM2000 websites, programs, announcements, and other related materials.

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Created: 13 Oct 2003
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