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Klein Bottle

The Klein bottle is one of the best-known surfaces in mathematics, captivating the imagination of researchers and non-mathematicians alike. Most parameterizations of the Klein bottle produce awkward-looking images. In contrast, the equations used here, which were developed by Tom Banchoff and his student David Kaplan, generate elegant images based on portions a figure-8 curve.

This transparent Klein bottle was produced by Tom Banchoff and Jeff Beall as a gift for Dirk Struik on the occasion of his 100th birthday. The still image was accompanied by an animated "fly through" where the viewer travels along the tube of the Klein bottle from the "outside" to the "inside".

This image appeared as part of the art show Surfaces Beyond the Third Dimension. It also was used as the signature image for the Para Além da Terceira Dimensão, the Portuguese reincarnation of the 1996 art show.

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