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Expository articles by Thomas F. Banchoff

  1. Applications of elementary calculus, Eight lectures in an NSF Sponsored Conference for College Teachers of Mathematics, Summer 1971, published in the Proceedings of the Conference.
  2. Real Time Computer Graphics Techniques in Geometry (with Charles Strauss), Proceedings of Symposia in Applied Mathematics Vol. 20, The Influence of Computing on Mathematical Research and Education, Amer. Math. Soc. (1974) 105–111. (abstract) (AMS review #49#7058)
  3. Computer Animation and the Geometry of Surfaces in 3- and 4-Space, Proceedings of the International Congress of Mathematicians, Helsinki (1978), (Invited 45 minute address) 1005–1013. (AMS review #82b:53002)
  4. Real-Time Computer Graphics Analysis of Figures in Four-Space (with Charles Strauss), American Association of the Advancement of Science Selected Symposium 24 (1978), Westview Press, Colo., 159–168.
  5. Computer Graphics in Geometric Research, Recent Trends in Mathematics, Teubner-Texte 50 (1983) 316–327. (AMS review #85c:00001)
  6. Differential Geometry and Computer Graphics, Perspective in Mathematics, Anniversary of Oberwolfach (1984), Birkhäuser-Verlag, Basel, 43–60. (abstract) (AMS review #86f:53001)
  7. Computer Graphics and Differential Geometry: Because the Light is Better over Here, The Merging of Disciplines: New Directions in Pure, Applied, and Combinatorial Mathematics, Springer-Verlag (1986) 1–11. (abstract)
  8. Discovering the Fourth Dimension, Prime (1987) 1–8.
  9. EDGE: The Educational Geometry Environment (with Richard Schwartz), Proceedings of the International Congress on Educational Computing in Mathematics 87 (1987) 11–29. (abstract)
  10. The Fourth Dimension, Teacher Magazine, (January 1990) 30–34.
  11. From Flatland to Hypergraphics: Interacting with Higher Dimensions, Interdisciplinary Science Reviews, 15, No. 4 (1990) 364–372.
  12. Beyond the Third Dimension, Scientific American Library, W. H.Freeman & Co. (1990) 1–210. (AMS review #91h:00001)
  13. Student Generated Interactive Software for Calculus of Surfaces in a Workstation Laboratory (with student associates), UME Trends 1, No. 3, (1990) 7–8.
  14. Computer Graphics Tools for Rendering Algebraic Surfaces and the Geometry of Order, Geometric Analysis and Computer Graphics, Springer-Verlag, New York (1991) 31–37. (abstract) (AMS review #1:081:327)
  15. Computer Laboratory Magnification of Idiosyncrasies, MAA Notes 20 (1991) 1–8.
  16. Investigating Volumes: The Air France Cup, Geometry's Future, COMAP (1991) 87–93.
  17. Dimensions, On the Shoulders of Giants, National Academy of Sciences Press (1991) 11–59.
  18. Flatland: A New Introduction, Princeton Science Series, Princeton University Press (1991) xv-xxxi.
  19. Illustrating Beyond the Third Dimension (with Davide Cervone), Leonardo, special issue on mathematics and computer graphics, 25 3/4 (1992) 273–280.
  20. With Coxeter at the International Congress on Mathematics Education VII, Focus 12 No. 5 (1992) 4, 16.
  21. ODE on a Grecian Urn, American Mathematical Monthly 100 No. 9 (1993) cover.
  22. Interactive Computer Graphics, Higher Dimensional Geometry, and Electronic Publication: From Flatland to Hypertext, The Serials Librarian 24 No. 3–4 (1994) 9–15. simultaneously in New Scholarship, New Serials: Proceedings of the North American Serials Group, The Haworth Press (1994) 9–15.
  23. Children as Mathematicians and Mathematicians as Children, Teaching Children Mathematics, NCTM, February 2000.
  24. Math Awareness Month 2000: an Interactive Experience (with Davide Cervone), to appear in The Visual Mind II, ed. Michele Emmer. (PDF, 3.8M)
    (see also the URL http://www.mathaware.org/mam/00/index.html)
  25. Mathematics and Mathematical Sciences in 2010: What Should a Graduate Know?, CUPM Discussion Papers about Mathematics and the Mathetical Sciences 2010: What Should Students Know?, MAA Reports (2001) 13–20.
  26. Bridging the Divide: Research vs. Practice in Contemporary Mathematics Teaching and Learning (with Anita Salem), Disciplinary Styles in the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning-Exploring Common Ground, Carnegie Foundation, (2002).
  27. Computer Graphics in Mathematical Research, From ICM 1978 to ICMS 2002: A Personal Reflection, Proceedings of International Congress on Mathematical Software, Beijing 2002, Springer-Verlag, Berlin Heidelberg, (2003) 180–189. (PDF, 2M)
    (see also the URL http://www.math.union.edu/locate/Cervone/TFB/ICMS-poster/)
  28. Virtual Reconstruction of a Virtual Exhibit (with Davide Cervone) Multimedia Tools for Communicating Mathematics, Springer-Verlag, Berlin, Heidelberg (2002) 29–38. (PDF, 5.8M)
    (see also the URL http://alem3d.obidos.org/)
  29. The Power of Liberal Arts in the Mathematics Curriculum, to appear in Journal of Education 183 no. 3.
  30. Complementary Coffee Cups, under review for Collegiate Math Journal.
  31. Twice as Old — Again, submitted to Mathematics Magazine.

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