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Schedule of Events

Friday, October 31
4:00 Refreshments
Location: Kassar House Davis Room
4:30 Opening Talk: Stiefel-Whitney classes: from surfaces to toric varieties (abstract)
Speaker: Clint McCrory
Location: Barus-Holley 190 or Wilson 102 (depending on number of attendees)
5:30 Dinner on your own
7:30 Exhibit and Dessert Reception
Location: John Hay Library
Presentation: The search for the man who wrote Flatland
Speaker: Bill Lindgren
Follow-up comments: Joan Richards
Saturday, November 1
9:00 Catholic Mass
Celebrant: Fr. Charles Allen, S.J., MAT Brown Class '70
Location: Manning Chapel
9:30 Morning Refreshments
Location: outside MacMillan 115
10:00 Talk: More Examples Like the Figure-Eight Sphere in R4 (abstract)
Speaker: Frank Farris
Location: MacMillan 115
10:30 Talk: Tight submanifolds in the last 50 years (abstract)
Speaker: Wolfgang Kühnel
Location: MacMillan 115
11:15 Talk: Isoparametric Hypersurfaces in Spheres (abstract)
Speaker: Tom Cecil
Location: MacMillan 115
12:00 Lunch on your own
1:00 Talk: Projections, Polyhedra and Computer Graphics (abstract)
Speaker: John Hughes
Location: MacMillan 115
1:30 Talk: A Post-Euclidean Walkabout in Virtual Environments (abstract)
Speaker: George Francis
Location: MacMillan 115
2:30 Talk: Thinking Out of the Box (abstract)
Speaker: Anne Spalter
Location: MacMillan 115
3:00 Presentations: CAVE demonstration
Location: Meet at MacMillan 115
4:00 Viewing of Artwork, Video Clips, and Computer Demos
Location: MacMillan 115
6:00 Banquet
Location: Faculty Club

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