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Mathematical People, Places and Things

The following pages give a "virtual slide show" of images of Tom Banchoff with various mathematicians, mathematical objects and mathematical places. The navigation buttons at the bottom of each page let you move from slide to slide, or you can use the table of contents below to get to a particular one.

Banchoff with Flatland
Banchoff Contemplates the Enneper Surface
Banchoff with Mathematical Objects
Banchoff and Strauss with Real Projective Plane
Banchoff with Strauss at the Scope
Banchoff with Project Team at Prime
Banchoff with Hypersphere Video Team
Banchoff at the SparcStation Computer
Banchoff with Folding Hypercube
Banchoff at St John's College, Cambridge
Banchoff in London with Barbara Phillipson
Banchoff Reading at Barbara Phillipson's
Banchoff with James Boyce under Herkomer Portrait
Banchoff on London's Millenium Bridge
Banchoff with Dionys Burger, Author of Sphereland
Banchoff with C.C. Beck, Captain Marvel Artist
Banchoff with Salvador Dalí
Banchoff and Erik Erikson Argue
Banchoff and Erik Erikson Reconcile
Banchoff with Mentor Professor Chern in California
Flatland Centenial, 1984
Banchoff with Rien and Donald Coxeter
Banchoff with Magnus Wenninger
Banchoff and Cervone with José Francisco Rodrigues
Banchoff with the Clavius Research Group
Banchoff with Jerry Lyons and Martin Gardner
Banchoff and Jerry Lyons
MAA President Banchoff with Colleagues
Banchoff's MAA Associates
Natalie Johnson and Audrey Augiar
Banchoffs with Fr. Theodore Hesburgh, C.S.C.
Banchoff as a Cartoon Character
Banchoff in front of the Math Building

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