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Banchoff and his Students

The following pages give a "virtual slide show" of images of Tom Banchoff with his students, or groups of students. The navigation buttons at the bottom of each page let you move from slide to slide, or you can use the table of contents below to get to a particular one.

Banchoff with Kathleen Curry
Banchoff with David Kaplan
Banchoff with David Salesin
Banchoff with Deb Grossberg
Summer '99 Banchoff Research Team
Student Assistants and Magnus Wenninger
Summer '92 Research Team
VENOM Development Team
Summer '96 Research Team in Front of Howell House Coming Down
Davids Jelinek and Peck
Students Build a Hypercube
Ben Trumbore, Eddie Chang and Paul Strauss
Summer '01 Research Team
The Fnord Development Team
Banchoff with Ockle Johnson, May 1990
Bachoff with Cassidy Curtis, May 1992
Graudation with Davide Cervone, May 1993
Banchoff and Laura Dorfman, May 1995
Graduation, May 1995

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