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Cassidy Curtis '92

Cassidy is an exception mathematical artist. While at Brown, Cassidy turned in what Banchoff considers to be the best homework ever (described in an article in the Brown Alumni Magazine), and produced some amazing drawings illustrating the surface described in Banchoff's paper, Height functions with three critical points, with Floris Takens in 1975. Cassidy's web page "A Strange Immersion of the Torus in 3-Space" shows these images, and has links to some others of his work. Also while at Brown, Cassidy created lovely chapter heading images for the Memorial Edition of a famous calculus book.

After Brown, Cassidy went to work for an advertising agency, R/Greenberg Associates in San Francisco. He spent two years as a technical director at Pacific Data Images (PDI/Dreamworks), a leading animation studio based in Palo Alto, California, and also worked at Xaos, Inc.

In 1997 and 1998, Cassidy taught an interdisciplinary Computer Animation as an adjunct at the University of Washington. The course is described in an article in the Chronicle of Higher Education, from which the following quotation is taken:

"This is much more exciting than teaching a regular computer-graphics class, ... because of the creative and human side. You have a dozen or more students all negotiating intellectually and emotionally the process of creating a film. It's wonderful to see the process happening, especially when it really works."

Cassidy's web page has links to many interesting projects he's working (or worked) on.

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