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David Schuster

I worked on making demo's and improving the demo software originally made by David Schwartz and I also helped maintain/improve the discussion software started by Dan Margalit. The demo software was used mainly for Math 35 (multivariable calculus) and also for Math 106? Differential Geometry to allow students to visualize functions and see how changing their parameters affected both the qualitative and quantitative aspects of the plot.

The discussion software coupled with TFB's ability to create engaging problems changed the nature of the class. The collaborative and competitive aspects of trying to solve hard, interesting, problems with classmates got me much more involved with the subject. In observing classes the following years I believe that others felt the same way.

I am now a grad student at Yale University obtaining a Ph.D. in Physics. My research studies quantum coherence and information, using mesoscopic superconducting circuits to realize quantum bits and gates.

One thing I remember is that periodically while working in TFB's office, a grad student or professor would come in asking how to visualize a certain higher-dimensional object. I always enjoyed listening to these explanations as he described in very physical terms how one could break it down and find the key properties. It is hard to relate but anyone who has witnessed it knows what I mean.

— David Schuster
October 2003

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