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Davide Cervone

Davide was a Ph.D. student of Tom's from 1998 to 1993. His thesis, Vertex-minimal immersions of simplicial surfaces into three-space, showed that the number of vertices required for an immersion of the Klein bottle into 3-space is nine (even though the surface can be triangulated using only eight vertices), and presented a number of new tight surfaces (with few vertices). Davide produced many of the images for Tom's book, Beyond the Third Dimension, and developed several software programs as part of Tom's 3D and 4D graphics investigations.

Davide is now an Associate Professor at Union College in Schenectady, New York. His course Visualizing the Fourth Dimension is a direct result of his experiences with Tom. The first version of Davide's 3D graphics program, StageTools, was developed originally to support Tom's visit to the Geometry Center, where Tom and Davide first began to design web pages. They continue to work together on electronic, multi-media mathematics projects.

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