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Eric Sommers '93

I was an undergrad at Brown from 1989 to 1993. While there, I took three courses with Professor Banchoff, the first of which (Linear Algebra) helped inspire me to choose mathematics over physics as a concentration. I was always a huge fan of Professor Banchoff's courses and I have incorporated some of his interactive teaching methods into my own teaching style.

I also worked with Professor Banchoff on a problem in differential geometry for one semester. Ken Bromberg (now an assistant professor in geometry at the University of Utah, I think) also worked on this. It was a problem about describing and visualizing the surface whose tangent planes cut off a fixed percentage of the volume of a polyhedron. We drew the results on FNORD, the celebrated software package developed by Banchoff and his students. David Kaplan provided much expertise on the use of FNORD.

Currently, I'm an assistant professor of mathematics at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. My research field is representation theory (mostly related to Lie algebras). My webpage is at http://www.math.umass.edu/~esommers.

Professor Banchoff, I wish you all the best on your 65th birthday.

— Eric Sommers
October 2003

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