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Nick Thompson '90

Nick produced two important programs for Tom Banchoff. The first was fourd, which ran on the Prime computer, and produced beautiful renderings of surfaces in 3- and 4-dimensions using a slider-based interface. The surfaces had to be hard-coded into the program, however, so it was not easy to add new ones.

The second program, written with Scott Draves was called fnord. It allowed the user to describe mathematical objects via a functional (rather than procedural) language. This was the predecessor of Banchoff's current Java applets that he uses in his on-line courses, and was the work-horse for Banchoff's artwork for a number of years.

An episode of Start Trek, the Next Generation has an animation genarated by Banchoff and Nick.

Nick's web home page contains links to a number of computer and art projects of his.

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