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Ockle at his teacher-of-the-year award ceremony in 2002

Ockle Johnson

Ockle Johnson was a Ph.D. student of Banchoff's, receiving his degree in 1990. His thesis, Chain level Whitney duality theorems for simplicial manifolds, reinterprets in the simplicial case some important results for smooth smooth surfaces. In 1998, Banchoff and Johnson published the paper "Normal Euler Class and Singularities of Projections for Polyhedral Surfaces in Four-Space" together.

After leaving Brown, Johnson had a teaching and research fellowship at St. Olaf College. Currently, he teaches at Keene State University, in Keene, New Hampshire. In 2002, Johnson received the Teacher-of-the-Year award from that institution, and then an award as outstanding teaching of the year for the state of New Hampshire. He and Banchoff continue to collaborate on several related papers.

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