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Sylvia Smullin '98

I worked with Prof. Banchoff developing computer tools for the introductory non-honors single-variable calculus course. With Fidel Amaro, I wrote hypertext books in SGML with demos written in Fnorse. In the fall, I helped run the computer tutorial sessions. The summer was great — the coding and writing were fun and new to me. I loved working for someone who was such a fantastic and experienced thinker and teacher and sharing that time with smart, creative peers of mine (Fidel plus Davids Akers, Peck, and Jelinek). The fall was a bit more humbling — I gained more respect for Prof. Banchoff after realizing how challenging it is to teach!

I am now finishing my Ph.D. in physics at Stanford. I am working on a measurement of gravity at short distances, an experiment originally motivated by a particular theory of extra dimensions. A brief description of the experiment may be found on line.

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