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Graduate Students of TFB

Tom Banchoff has directed the Ph.D. theses of the following students. Click on the symbol to see information about the indicated student. Those for whom we have a picture are marked with the symbol .

Lucio Rodriguez
The two-piece-property and relative tightness for surfaces with boundary, 1973
Louise McNertney (Berard)
One-parameter families of surfaces with constant curvature in Lorentz 3-space, 1980
Leslie Coghlan
Tight Stable Mappings of Surfaces, 1986
Eugene Curtin
Intermediate tautness and relative tautness for submanifolds, 1988
[Link] Ockle Johnson
Chain level Whitney duality theorems for simplicial manifolds, 1990
[Link] Davide Cervone
Vertex-minimal immersions of simplicial surfaces into three-space, 1993
[Link] Antonio Geloneze-Neto
Cusp parity and generalized Riemann-Hurwitz formulas for simplicial mapping, 1995
Cheng-Hui Luo
Numerical invariants and classification of smooth and polygonal plane curves, 1997
Daniel Dreibelbis
A bitangency theorem for surfaces in Euclidean four-space, 1998
Steven Soule
Branched extensions of codimension one maps, 2002

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