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Student Assistants of TFB

Tom Banchoff has guided numerous student assistants over the years, with remarkable success. They have worked with him to develop important graphics software, interactive laboratory course materials, artwork, and mathematical models. Many have gone on to do advanced work in mathematics, computer science, or industry, and all have been shaped by their experiences with Tom.

Here is the best list we can construct of the names and graduation dates of Tom's assistants. Click on the symbol to see information about the indicated student. Those for whom we have a picture from those days are marked with the symbol ; those who have sent a remembrance or birthday message are marked with a .

[Link] Jeff Achter '92
[Link] Rashid Ahmad '88
[Link] David Akers '99
Fidel Amaro '98
Andrew Astor '79
[Link] Greg Baltazar '04
[Link] Jeff Beall '96
David Burrowes '90
[Link] Steve Canon '01
Erik Chaikin '89
[Link] Eddie Chang '??
Michael Chorost '87
[Link] Kathleen Curry '87
[Link] Cassidy Curtis '92
[Link] Craig Desjardins '03
[Link] Laura Dorfman '95
[Link] Scott Draves '90
[Link] David Eigen '03, ScM '04
[Link] Robert Fairhead '04
Lindley Gifford '82
David Goldsmith '89
Brandt Goldstein '87
[Link] Deb Grossberg '03
[Link] Linda Gruendken '07
Edward Grove '84
Richard Hawkes '84
[Link] Curtis Hendrickson '93
[Link] Micheal Holleran '78
[Link] Andrew Hnatiw '04
[Link] Mark Howison '06
David Irvine '76
[Link] David Jelinek '96
[Link] David Kaplan '93
Tim Kay '83
[Link] Joanna Kelley '03
[Link] Paul Kinlaw '04
[Link] David Laidlaw '84, ScM '86
[Link] John Leen '00
Justin Leonard '??
[Link] Emily Leventhal '00
Ilise Lombardo '89
[Link] Steve Lovett '95
Neel Maden '95
[Link] David Margolis '82
[Link] Dan Margalit '98
Trey Matteson '86
John McGreevy '97
Steve McInnis '76
[Link] Ezra Miller '95
[Link] Anne Morgan Spalter '87
David Morin '89
[Link] Masi Oka '97
[Link] David Peck '99
Kevin Pickhardt '85
David Pinchbeck '84
[Link] Steve Ritter '85
[Link] Ryan Roth '04
[Link] Ryan Roark '05
[Link] Jill Ryerson '01
Matthew Salbenblatt '91
[Link] David Salesin '83
[Link] David Schuster '01
David Schwartz '01
[Link] Rich Schwartz '87
[Link] Rob Shapire '87
[Link] Greg Siegle '91
[Link] Harry Siple '04
[Link] Sylvia Smullin '98
[Link] Eric Sommers '93
[Link] John Steinberger '00
[Link] Julia Steinberger '97
[Link] Cathy Stenson '94
[Link] Matthew Stone '92
[Link] Nick Thompson '90
[Link] Jeff Yemin '92

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