Please send me this information as soon as possible.

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1. Please tell me a bit about your background in Algebra. When and where did you study the subject, and which general topics were covered? Feel free to compare with our syllabus.


2. Are you on campus? Are you planning to be on campus? If it becomes possible, how do you feel about in-person class meetings, and what format of these meetings do you think would be most helpful? 


3. Will you be attending from a different time-zone? What is it?


4. Technical accessibility:


a. Do you have reliable internet connection? Do you feel your internet connection is reliable enough to attend synchronous class lectures? Is it sufficient for viewing recorded material?


b. Do you have a device with  reliable web camera and microphone?


c. Will you be technically able to electronically present pre-prepared material, such as latex beamer slides or powerpoint?


d. How comfortable are you with using latex? (Note that Overleaf is free, and in fact with Brown credentials we have enhanced access to it, so latex need not be installed on your device.)


e. Will you be technically able to electronically present material which is not pre-prepared, such as positioning your device in front of a board, or using "digital whiteboarding"? (see