Brown University Mathematics - Trigonometry Boot Camp

prepared by Dan Katz

The resources on this page are intended to help students entering Brown University calculus courses (particularly Math 90, but also potentially Math 100/170/190) brush up on their trignometry (if necessary). This "boot camp" module consists of a content review, a set of practice problems, and video solutions to those problems. You can use these in any way you find useful, but successfully solving the problems is more likely to help you than passively watching the review and solutions.

Please note that this is a concise review intended for students who have already studied trigonometry, and who have either forgotten the material or didn't fully understand it the first time. Students who have never seen trig before may be better off taking Math 50 and 60 (a two-semester version of Math 90 that includes trigonometry and other precalculus topics), or obtaining a book on trigonometry and studying the material independently.

Content Review

The content review video (42 minutes) is posted on Youtube here.

If you don't feel like hearing my voice, you can look at the slides used to produce the video (in PDF form) here. Bear in mind that some points may be clarified and/or elaborated on in the video, so if something in the slides doesn't make sense, it may help to watch the corresponding part of the video.

Practice Exercises

The worksheet of practice problems can be downloaded here.


The answers to the practice problems can be downloaded here.

The solutions video (47 minutes) is posted on Youtube here. The answer sheet above includes a timestamp for each answer; you can skip to that point in the solutions video if you wish to view a particular solution.


You can reach me at dkatz [at] math [dot] brown [dot] edu.