Ph.D. Students of Joseph H. Silverman

List of Students on the Mathematics Genealogy Project
(37) Mark O.S. Sing
Dynamical Galois representations, Brown University, 2023
(36) Max Weinreich
Algebraic dynamics, moduli spaces, and integrability, Brown University, 2022
(35) Minsik Han
Arithmetic dynamics of rational maps with nontrivial automorphisms, Brown University, 2022
(34) Seoyoung Kim
The distribution of the trace of Frobenius and its applications in number theory, Brown University, 2019
(33) Thomas Silverman
Stability in non-archimedean Dynamics, Brown University, 2019
(32) Laura Walton
Forward and inverse image problems in arithmetic dynamics, Brown University, 2018
(31) Wade Hindes
Galois Uniformity in Arithmetic Dynamics, Brown University, 2015
(30) Wei Pin Wong
Height Functions and Specialization Map for Families of Elliptic Curves, Brown University, 2015
(29) Jonah Leshin
Class Field Towers, Solvable Galois Representations, and Noether's Problem in Galois Theory, Brown University, 2014
(28) Florian Sprung
Iwasawa Theory for Elliptic Curves, Brown University, 2013
(27) Jacqueline Anderson
On the p-adic Mandelbrot Set, Brown University, 2013
(26) Hatice Sahinoglu
On the Independence of Heegner Points, Brown University, 2012
(25) Matthew Gardner Spencer
Moduli Spaces of Power Series in Finite Characteristic, Brown University, 2011
(24) ChongGyu (Joey) Lee
Height Estimates for Rational Maps, Brown University, 2010
(23) Daniel Katz
Sumfree Subsets in Cubes of Arbitrary Dimension, Brown University, 2009
(22) Katherine Stange
Elliptic Nets and Elliptic Curves, Brown University, 2008
(21) Yu Yasufuku
Vojta's Conjecture and Blowups, Brown University, 2008
(20) Michelle Manes
Arithmetic Dynamics of Rational Maps, Brown University, 2007
(19) Benjamin Hutz
Arithmetic Dynamics in Dimension Greater Than 1, Brown University, 2007
(18) Raphael Jones
Galois Martingales and the p-adic Hyperbolic Mandelbrot Set, Brown University, 2005
(17) Michael Joyce
Counting Rational Points on the E6 Cubic Surface, Brown University, 2005
(16) Ebru Bekyel
Minimal Weierstrasse Equations for Elliptic Curves Over Global Fields, Brown University, 2002
(15) Rania Wazir
Arithmetic on Elliptic Threefolds, Brown University, 2001
(14) Su Ion Ih
Height Uniformity for Algebraic and Integral Points on Curves, Brown University, 2000
(13) Selemon Getachew
Galois Theory of Polynomial Iterates, Brown University, 2000
(12) Matthew Papanikolas
Canonical Heights in Characteristic p, Brown University, 1998
(11) Robert Benedetto
Fatou Components in p-adic Dynamics, Brown University, 1998
(10) Ottavio Rizzo
On the Variation of Root Numbers of Families of Elliptic Curves, Brown University, 1997
(9) Liang-chung Hsia
A weak Neron model with applications to p-adic dynamical systems, Brown University, 1994
(8) Christopher Towse
Weierstrass points on cyclic covers of the projective line, Brown University, 1993
(7) Seng-Kiat Chua
Arithmetic of etale quotient varieties, Brown University, 1993
(6) Yen-Mei Julia Chen
Descent via 3-isogenies on elliptic curves, Brown University, 1993
(5) Arthur Baragar
The Markoff equation and equations of Hurwitz, Brown University, 1991
(4) Hwasin Park
Idempotent relations and the conjecture of Birch and Swinnerton-Dyer, Brown University, 1990
(3) Masato Kuwata
Mordell-Weil groups and elliptic K3 surfaces, Brown University, 1989
(2) Nicholas Strauss
Symbolic algebra: Jordan forms and local analysis, Boston University, 1988
(1) Robert Gross
A quantitative version of Schmidt's theorem on simultaneous Diophantine approximation, MIT, 1986



Mathematical Genealogy of Joseph H. Silverman

Elissaeus Judaeus
   (Thesis title not known)
    (Degree, date, university not known)         ...was advisor to...

Georgios Plethon Gemistos
   Nómoi (Book of Laws)
    1380, 1393         ...was advisor to...

Basilios Bessarion
   (Thesis title not known)
    Mystras 1436 (Greece)         ...was advisor to...

Johannes Argyropoulos
   (Thesis title not known)
    Theol. Dr. Università degli Studi di Padova 1444 (Italy)         ...was advisor to...

Johann (Johannes Kapnion) Reuchlin
   (Thesis title not known)
    Magister artium Universität Basel 1477 (Switzerland)         ...was advisor to...

Philipp Melanchthon
   (Thesis title not known)
    Magister artium Eberhard-Karls-Universität Tübingen 1514 (Germany)         ...was advisor to...

Johannes Caselius
   (Thesis title not known)
    Magister artium Martin-Luther-Universität Halle-Wittenberg 1560 (Germany)         ...was advisor to...

Georg Calixt
   (Thesis title not known)
    Magister artium, Theol. Dr. Universität Helmstedt 1607 (Germany)         ...was advisor to...

Johann Andreas Quenstedt
   De Transsvbstantiatione Contra Pontificios Exercitatio
    Magister artium Universität Helmstedt 1643 (Germany)         ...was advisor to...

Michael Walther, Jr.
   Manichaeismi recensio historica; Disputatio theologica inauguralis de Paulina Petri increpatione
    Magister artium, Theol. Dr. Martin-Luther-Universität Halle-Wittenberg 1661, 1687         ...was advisor to...

Johann Pasch
   Conjunctiones in genere dissertatione astronomico-theorica
    Magister artium Martin-Luther-Universität Halle-Wittenberg 1683         ...was advisor to...

Johann Andreas Planer
   Gynaeceum Doctum, sive Dissertatio Historico-literaria
    Magister artium Martin-Luther-Universität Halle-Wittenberg 1686         ...was advisor to...

Christian August Hausen
   De corpore scissuris figurisque non cruetando ductu
   Dr. phil., Martin-Luther-Universitat Halle-Wittenberg, 1713         ...was advisor to...

Abraham Gotthelf Kaestner
   Theoria radicum in aequationibus
   Ph.D., Universitat Leipzig, 1739         ...was advisor to...

Johann Friedrich Pfaff
   Commentatio de ortibus et occasibus siderum apud auctores classicos commemoratis
   Dr. phil., Georg-August-Universitat Gottingen, 1786         ...was advisor to...

Carl Friedrich Gauss
   Demonstratio nova theorematis omnem functionem algebraicam rationalem integram unius variabilis in factores reales primi vel secundi gradus resolvi posse
   Ph.D., Universit t Helmstedt, 1799         ...was advisor to...

Friedrich Wilhelm Bessel
   (Thesis title not known)
   Ph.D., Georg-August-Universitat Gottingen, 1810         ...was advisor to...

Heinrich Ferdinand Scherk
   De evolvenda functione .... disquisitiones nonnullae analyticae
   Ph.D., Universit t Berlin, 1823         ...was advisor to...

Ernst Edward Kummer
   De cosinuum et sinuum potestatibus secundum cosinus et sinus arcuum multiplicium evolvendis
   Ph.D., Martin-Luther-Universitat Halle-Wittenberg, 1831         ...was advisor to...

Paul Du Bois-Reymond
   De aequilibrio fluidorum
   Ph.D., Universitat Berlin, 1859         ...was advisor to...

Otto Ludwig Holder
   Beitrage zur Potentialtheorie
   Sc.D. Eberhard-Karls-Universitat Tubingen 1882         ...was advisor to...

Emil Artin
   Quadratische Korper im Gebiete der hoheren Kongruenzen
   Dr. phil. Universitat, Leipzig,1921         ...was advisor to...

John Tate, Jr.
   Fourier Analysis in Number Fields and Hecke's Zeta Functions
   Ph.D., Princeton University, 1950         ...was advisor to...

Joseph H. Silverman
   The Neron-Tate Height on Elliptic Curves
   Ph.D., Harvard University, 1982        



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