"The Hypersphere: Foliation and Projection" is available for purchase in standard VHS format from Thomas Banchoff, 18 Colonial Road, Providence RI 02906.

This 9-minute video includes the 3-minute film "The Hypersphere: Foliation and Projection" produced in 1985 by Thomas Banchoff, David Laidlaw, Huseyin Kocak, and David Margolis in color with sound track.

The video also containg two versions of the 1992 3-minute video "Fronts & Centers" produced by Thomas Banchoff, Gerald Shapiro, and Nicholas Thompson. The first version has a narration, and the second is accompanied by the original music composed by Gerald Shapiro.

To order this video, send a check made out to Thomas Banchoff for $34 (including $4 for shipping and handling within the US. For orders outside the United States, please contact Thomas_Banchoff@brown.edu).