The Fourth Dimension and the Bible

   There are many passages in the Bible that can be interpreted to prove the existence of higher dimensions. Disappearances can be explained by the escape into a physical fourth dimension. William Anthony Granville, author of The Fourth Dimension and the Bible, explains, "A man (three-dimensional being) who has been translated from our space into a higher-dimensional space will remain invisible to earthly beings until he returns again to our space." (44) Genesis 5:24 and Hebrews 11:5 describe Enoch walking with God and then disappearing because God took him. Jesus inexplicably escapes from threatening multitudes twice- John 8:59 and 10:39. It seems most logical that Jesus used the fourth dimension to elude his would-be captors.
   Similar to the power to disappear from three-dimensional beings, anyone who could move in a fourth physical dimension could also transport himself/herself anywhere in our three-dimensional world instantly. The Bible also contains examples of appearances which also are easily explained with the use of the Fourth Dimension. Twice, Jesus entered the room of the disciples without using a door (John 20:19-23, 26-29). Entering a room through its walls is only possible via the Fourth Dimension. Another example of movement only possible in the Fourth Dimension is contained in Acts 8:39-40. Philip baptized an eunuch on a road and then was swept up by the Lord and found later that day at Azotus- which was several days journey from where Philip baptized the eunuch.
   God is considered to be omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent and infinite to human beings. These characteristics seem impossible for humans to understand. Many people base their spiritual faith on this lack of understanding and attribute to God characteristics that are impossible for three-dimensional humans to understand. However, the existence of God as a higher-dimensional being explains these characteristics simply. God- as a higher-dimensional being- is only omnipotent, omniscient, etc. to lower dimensional beings. The existence of higher dimensions clearly explains all of these powers attributed to God. It is interesting to consider God's dimensionality. While some people believe that God exists in the fourth dimension, many others place God in a higher dimension. The following web sites attribute God as existing in the twelfth dimensions:

The Dimensions - A Cosmology
Atheists have Proven God Does Not Exist. Right?

   While this view does not seem illogical, it does seem a bit arbitrary. Spiritweb describes the twelfth dimension as the combination of unity and duality because the number twelve is composed of 1 and 2. Spiritweb continues to describe the twelfth dimension as "(it) includes and exceeds all infinities. Beyond definition, it is always more than we can imagine."
   Another spiritual view of God's dimensionality states that not only does God exist in a higher physical dimension, but God may also attain higher dimensions of time and even other factors. The following site argues that God must have two time dimensions in order to be able to hear and respond to different people at the same time:

The Bible and the 4th Dimension: 5490

   A second dimensionality of time would allow God to hear simultaneously all who wish to communicate. The idea that there are other factors of dimensionality which we are not even aware of is interesting. It seems possible that we could only understand the first dimension of another characteristic and thus cannot even imagine the possibility of higher dimensions. Feelings, emotions, and telepathy are possible examples. Whether God exists in the fourth, twelfth or any other dimension, as a higher dimensional being, God can be anywhere at any time, and can choose whether or not to let us see an image of God. Similarly, we- as three dimensional beings- could choose what images of ourselves we allow inhabitants of two dimensional Flatland to see. We can either exist above or below the Flatland plane and remain invisible or can let it intersect us showing to the citizens of Flatland a cross-section of ourselves. God, by the same metaphor can either view us and remain invisible or can choose to allow us to view a three-dimensional "square-section" of God's physical body. The most major contribution of higher dimensional study to spiritualism relates to death. Death is the most frightening event in the life of a human because when one dies, one can have no knowledge of what death brings. This uncertainty regarding death, for the most part, explains the importance of religion and spiritualism on Earth. Many religions quell this fear and encourage good behavior by saying that good people are rewarded with eternal salvation or a type of Heaven, while bad people are eternally damned to a place like Hell. The existence of higher dimensions provides the opportunity for different explanations of what happens when we die. "Good" people- as defined by religions- rather than going to Heaven, may shift to another world in the Fourth Dimension, rather than going to Heaven. This world may or may not be a Utopian existence. They may be able to look down upon our three-dimensional world, or they may only be able to imagine looking down upon it, as we can imagine looking down on Flatland. This shift may not even be restricted to any type of people but may happen to everyone. Or it may be restricted to "good" people only, with "bad" people being damned into two or one dimension. Alternatively, popular religions may be right that the "good" go to Heaven while the "bad" go to Hell. II Kings 2:11 describes Elijah being separated from Elisha by a chariot of fire and horses of fire and then Elijah being taken away to Heaven in a whirlwind. Rather than the popular belief of Heaven existing in the clouds and Hell existing underground, both may exist in the fourth dimension. That concept even follows the belief that those in Heaven can "look down" upon those on Earth. Rather than looking down from the clouds, our ancestors may "look down" upon humans from the fourth dimension. By this rationale, those in Hell also can "look up" at us also from the fourth dimension. That would also explain why we, as three dimensional beings, can never find either Heaven or Hell. Movement to a higher dimension upon death would also explain how a dead body remains on Earth, but a part of the person, his/her soul, could move into a higher dimension without being seen by Earth inhabitants. The idea of a soul moving into the fourth dimension and being eternal allays the fear of death to many people. Higher dimensions can be used to provide a future beyond death. Religion may not be necessary to as many people in the future as an explanation of death. The faith required in religion can be lessened by the scientific example of higher dimensionality.