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Surfaces Beyond the Third Dimension

Surfaces Beyond
the Third Dimension

Computer Generated Images and Video
by Tom Banchoff and associates

Providence Art Club
Dodge House Gallery

11 Thomas Street, Providence RI 02903
(401) 331-1114

March 31-April 19, 1996

This web site documents the "Surfaces Beyond the Third Dimension" art exhibit hosted by the Providence Art Club in March and April of 1996. It featured computer-generated artwork designed by Tom Banchoff, in collaboration with Davide Cervone (now at Union College) and student associates at Brown University. These works combine computer graphics and mathematics to form images that are pleasing to the eye and challenging to the mind. Each piece centers around surfaces built in four-dimensional space and displayed in ways that suggest the kinds of transformations that appear when such an object is rotated in that space.

As a continuation of the work begun in the show, these pages bring even more dimensions to the artwork, allowing visitors from around the work to explore the show, and the mathematics behind it, through the media of hypertext, interactive graphics, and electronic movies.

The main entry points:

Surfaces Beyond the Third Dimension
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