Ang Li


I'm a third year math graduate student at Brown University. My advisor is Björn Sandstede and I'm interested in problems related to PDE and dynamical systems.
My current research concerns about the linear stability of planar spiral waves. More precisely, assuming spectral information of the linearization, we prove spectral mapping for the generated semigroup and aim to derive the pointwise Green's function estimate.


  1. On the Sensitivity of k-Uniform Hypergraph Properties(with Stella Biderman, Kevin Cuddy, Min Jae Song) arxiv


  • Spring 2018 - Math 0200: Intermediate Calculus (Physics/Engineering), TA
  • Fall 2017 - Math 0100: Introductory Calculus II, Instructor
  • Spring 2017 - Math 0100: Introductory Calculus II, TA
  • Fall 2016 - Math 0090: Introductory Calculus I, TA

Conference Attended

  • May 2017 - SIAM Conference on Dynamical Systems

Honors and Awards

  • Paul R. Cohen Memorial Prize, University of Chicago, 2015


  • Email:
  • Office: Room 018, Kassar House
  • Department of Mathematics
    Brown University
    151 Thayer Street, Box 1917
    Providence, RI 02912