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Icons and Links:

To make a link to the MAM2000 web site, select the size of icon you would like from those shown below, and copy the code at the right into your HTML page where you want the link to appear.

<A HREF="http://mam2000.mathforum.com/"><IMG SRC="http://mam2000.mathforum.com/buttons/MAM2000-100.jpg" WIDTH=100 HEIGHT=82 ALT="[MAM2000]" BORDER=0></A>
<A HREF="http://mam2000.mathforum.com/"><IMG SRC="http://mam2000.mathforum.com/buttons/MAM2000-75.jpg" WIDTH=75 HEIGHT=61 ALT="[MAM2000]" BORDER=0></A>
<A HREF="http://mam2000.mathforum.com/"><IMG SRC="http://mam2000.mathforum.com/buttons/MAM2000-50.jpg" WIDTH=50 HEIGHT=41 ALT="[MAM2000]" BORDER=0></A>

Note that the image itself will be taken from the MAM2000 site, so you don't need to download that yourself.

If you want to, you can copy the image to your server and modify the HTML to use that copy of the image instead. To do so, press the right mouse button (if you are on an IBM PC) or hold down the mouse button (if you are on a Macintosh) over the image that you want to use; you should get a menu that includes an option to "Save this image as...". Choose this item; you should get a dialog box that lets you select where you want to save it on your local disk.

Once you have saved the image, you will need to modify the SRC attribute of the <IMG> tag in the HTML code above. In particular, you will need to remove the http://mam2000.mathforum.com/image/ part and insert the correct location for your copy of the image.

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