Technical Help for Math 8

Using HTML to mark up your paper.

Papers for Math 8 should be marked up using HTML. If you are comfortable using HTML, feel free to be creative in it. If you are new to HTML, you can copy a template document and fill it in.

The best way to use the template document is to copy it (in HTML form) onto your hard disk, and then edit it using a text editor such as TeachText on the Mac or Notepad in Windows. You can also use BBedit from the Applications server or Micorsoft Word (if you save as text only). Some programs, like Word 6 on the PC and ClarisWorks on Mac and PC, can save files in HTML. Use whatever is most comfortable.

If you want to get some background on HTML, there is online documentation at Brown.

To get the HTML skeleton for your paper, follow this link to the template document. Then save it to your disk in HTML, and add your paper in from there. This template is under development, and will be more detailed and informative, soon.

To save to your disk in HTML follow the following steps:

  1. From the View menu in Netscape, select Source...
  2. When you are looking at the HTML file, select Save As... from the File Menu, or in Windows or UNIX, click the save button at the bottom of the View screen.
  3. Edit the resulting file, but remember that it has to be a text file.

File names

You should name your file wx.html, where x is the number of the week. The name should be all lowercase, and it has to have a .html extension on it. If you are on Windows, call it .htm on your local disk, but you should rename it when you copy it to the server.

Copying files to the server

Every student in Math 8 has an appleshare folder on the web server. You can copy files into your folder by connecting to the server using the Chooser on a Macintosh, or you can use FTP if you are on a non-Mac computer, or not on the campus network.

To connect using Appleshare

** As of the summer of '96, this is all outdated.

You can use Appleshare if you are on a networked Mac, on the campus.

  1. Open the Chooser, under the Apple menu
  2. Make sure that Appleshare is selected in the top left hand box
  3. Select brn_STG in the Apletalk Zones box at the lower left.
  4. Select STG WWW2 in the File Server box at the upper right
  5. When you are prompted for your username and password, type them in, and press return.

    Note that your username is firstname_lastname. Your password will be given out in class. You can, and should change it.

  6. Click down the folders until you reach your own: MA8 Web Server, then ma8, then papers, then your folder. Note that although you can see a lot of other folders, you will not be able to see the files in any of them, nor will you be able to write to them.

To connect using FTP

You can use FTP if you are on any networked computer, including those with using a SLIP connection over the telephone. If you are on a Macintosh, you can use Fetch. On a Windows computer you can use RapidFiler or Internet Assistant. Because ftp can be done using a variety of different sofware, instructions will be general. There are Quickstart sheets at the CIT that explain how to use Fetch and RapidFiler.

** As of the summer of '96, this is all outdated.

  1. The computer you are connecting to is
  2. The usernname you type in is firstname_lastname, and the password is the one you will be given in class.
  3. To get to your folder, click successively on the following folders: MA8 Web Server, ma8, papers, your folder. Note that although you can see a lot of other folders, you will not be able to see the files in any of them, nor will you be able to write to them.
  4. Use the PUT function to copy your file from your local disk to the server.