Flatland Questions

Alexis Nogelo

1) Would the four-dimensional creature see the insides of the three- dimensional being as the square supposes he would?

2) Is this (No. 1) a problem with the limited concept of dimensions as necessarily spacial that the square has or is it a problem of our belief that all spacial dimensions are exhausted by our perceptions and our companion preconceived notion that time is the fourth dimension of our universe?

3) Some of the allusions towards women strike me as clearly satirical and sarcastic. At other points the illutrative benefits of such a mode of discourse are lost as the descriptions seem to go too far not to be somewhat supported by the author's own views. Is this a reflection of the overall greater sexism of the society in which Abbott lived where even non-sexist men would seem quite mysogenist by today's standards or were there in fact non- sexist people? Keeping in mind that this is an imaginative work, it is hard to truly determine Abbott's views from this book alone. Also being aware of his work towards obtaining better education for women, were the relevant passages in this book working towards that goal or merely incidental? When was that work done in relation to the writing of this fictional work?