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Anya Weber

uYou see--well no, you don't. It's not your fault: you just can't. Don't worry about it. It's ju   @Ct I & 0 E F d r } '5?@c&GQWX^_`8FSr/6FPVMlm @767?@G]^tu{|D'( + , }~m!!! !!!!  st the way you are--and I am--

Ahhh, enough of this blathering. I don't care if you don't understand who I am. I don't care if I can't explain it to you. I'm going to TRY, dammit, and I expect you to do the same. So pay attention. Okay. Here we go:

You may address me as Myra. I am what you would call 212-D, meaning that I am not three-dimensional, like you and your kind, or four-dimensional, like those hypercubes you spend so much of your time and energy attempting futilely to analyze. I exist in what, to you, is a dimension 212 levels removed from all that is comprehensible. And let me tell you, it ain't no picnic.

Because, you see (no), with increased perspective comes increased responsibility. We feel sorry for you, poor limited souls, as a million-dimensional creature--not that I can conceive of such a thing--certainly feels pity for me. I mean, think about the preciousness of each dimension. Of course, for you all, you have so few, to lose one is absolutely traumatic, I'd imagine.

For us, various dimensions shift in and out of focus, much the way your own eyes and senses are liable to in your sphere (pun intended) of existence. I am always 212-dimensional, but I am not always and constantly aware of each of these dimensions, any more than you are aware of every cell in your body at any given moment. Once you get beyond four, let me tell you, it's all old hat. No big surprises. It's the trip to the top that's exciting. I mean, baby, I could take you from dimensions one through 212 with me and you'd never survive the trip with your perceptive faculties intact.

probably see nothing more than a confusion of lines, shapes, colors, angles getting bisected, quadrisected, spheres melding with planes that have greater width and depth than they do--some of it wouldn't be pretty, I can tell you; even with only your paltry 5 senses, you'd be pretty messed up by the end of your voyage. But you can get messed up in your own dimension, right? So what do you need me for?

Well. For the necessary perspective, of course. I mean, I can see you, and all those little four-dimensional creatures, and the cute little twenty-Ds all running around, thinking that they're the muy muy just because they can't conceive of anything higher than what they are. you don'tIsort of like I have to take care ofthe same way, to a much lesser degree, you might feel responsible for a deaf, blind old human running out into three-dimensional traffic. The same feeling of responsibility, I guess, thatprobablyof your senses--and now, of each of eithervision(other ),But the thing is, it's a paradox: if you're taking the trip up through the dimensions, in order to see them the right way, you have to have come from the top one to begin with. Otherwise, you just get so bewildered! and roundness Otherwise, I'd flip a couple of you up right now, just to see the look on your hyperhyperfaces. t's kind of touching, really, how you 3-Ders focus so much attention on the next step up the dimensional ladder--let me tell ya, forget the 4th dimension. They really have less of a clue than you all do. Believe it or not, they're even more egotistical and flippant than you are. They visit your kind in dreams and inspire them to write them into Star Trek episodes as members of the "Q Continuum." I don't mean to stereotype, but really. 4-Ders are quite immature.

You 3-D people, though--for some reason you intrigue me. You seem to think so hard about where you are, and some of you pay so much attention to your 3 dimensions that it's almost inconceivable that you won't somehow burst through into the next level, somehow.

I don't know that anyone's ever done that, Edwin A. Abbott notwithstanding. I'd love to tell you more stories about the eccentricities of each dimension I've been witness to all my hyperhyperyears: those whimsical 42nd-Ders, and the fascinating but dangerous 188s.......But, even a 212-dimensional creature needs to sleep, and that's what old Myra's on her way to do right now. Anyway, good luck breaking on through. Even if you don't make it--gotta love you for trying.

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