Brooke Davis

I know I learned a lot in this class. I think the thing that I am most proud of is losing some of my fear of computers. I can now write an html document: who knows-- maybe I'll make my own page now! I am also less afraid of math, which is always a good thing. If math is not fun, it is not avoidable either. I have found many fun aspects of math in this class, though, such as how math relates to M.R.I.s, crocheting, and contour maps, among other things. It was great being able to explore in such an open environment, but also on my own time, and with the whole web.

I enjoyed the book as both as explanation for some pretty complex ideas, and as a touch off point for further exploration. The final project was a good chance for me to do my favorite thing: read. Having the group made it fun, too. After reading Anya's piece about "Pulp Fiction", I want to see it again. I like all the other pages in my group and in other groups: I think as a class we made a good creative effort. The loss of privacy is certainly something to consider if someone is thinking about taking a class without paper.

I wish we had considered music in our dimensional studies. Sound and the concept of constructive and destructive interference might be a good addition to the class. If I might also suggest a piece of paper, I think a printed copy of the template and a good explanation of it would be great the next time the class is held.

Prof. Banchoff's Response