THE TRIO in the mix.

We (Envall, Kathy, Caroline) are interested in starting our final project. We want to slowly work on it, so that at the end of the semester we have everything under control.

We would like to do a web page on mazes. We were thinking of having animations which showed how to traverse different kind of mazes (2D, 3D, 4D) using various techniques (BFS, DFS, right hand rule.) We also want to have links to sites that relavant to mazes.

From this project we would want to learn more about mazes and HTML. If anybody wants to work with us or have any suggestion please let us know.

Questions: Why are we studying the higher dimensions when we can only see dimensions lower than 4D? What do the scientist want to discover by studying the higher dimension? How will we be able to apply these new discoveries to our lives then they find them? Would the Flatlanders be better off if they could see the 3D? It seems that it would probably not help the average Flatlander. What do the scientist know about dimensions and were do they what to go in their studies? (This could be a cool final project.)

Prof. Banchoff's response.