Questions about "Flatland":

Dan Margalit

Aloha, OK, three questions: 3. What was Edwin Abbott Abbott's religion?

Anglican, and in fact he was an ordained Anglican minister. Within that communion, he belonged to the wing known as the "Broad Church".

2. How do rain and fog figure in a two-dimensional world?

I suppose about the way they do in ours? Rain helps trees grow, fog inhibitis navigation, but allows for greater visiual discrimination of closeby versus more remote objects?

1. Exactly where is the brain in a flatlander? Wouldn't the brain get smaller with a more obtuse angle?

It isn't exacly clear,but it seems to be near the point of an isosceles triangle, and in general near one of the vertices of a regular figure. The more sides, the bigger the interior angle at each vertex. Or am I missing something in your question?

--Dan Margalit