Bernhard Riemann (1826-1866), in an investigation of potential non-Euclidian geometries, developed the Riemann Metric Tensor, a four by four matrix of curvature indices to describe any point in a four-dimensional system. The tensor contains sixteen values, though six of these are redundant, making ten values in all. Anticipating Einstein, Riemann had invented this tensor after being inspired by a two-dimensional universe in which warpage of space dictates physical laws. Thus the tensor was perfecly suited to describe Einstein's universe.

It has been noted that Riemann anticipated a great deal of modern physics (Adapted from Hyperspace by Michi Kaku):

1. he used higher-dimensional space to simplify the laws of nature, including electricity, magnetism, and gravity.

2. He anticipated the concept of wormholes

3. He expressed gravity as a field.