Flatland Questions

Envall W. Morgan

Here are a few questions that I have come up with regarding "Flatland".

1. It seems that the way in which the inhabitants of Flatland evolve, implies that they will eventually become a race of one class. It seems that there evolution reaches the limit of the circle. Is this true? Will they all become a race of circles, or at least very circle-like, and therefore all belong to the same social class?

2. I found it a little confusing that they could know so much about the existence and measurements of angles. In fact, I didn't think it possible that they could identify each other by means of touching. How can they actually decide that a person has a measurement of an angle at 59.30 degrees.?

3. The narrator tells us of the rain and their confusion about the origin of light. How can rain fall on the inhabitants of Flatland? It also seems that its possible for certain inhabitants to always be in shadow. Also, how can this world be truly two-dimesional when they can enter and leave the physical confines of a house? Also, wouldn't a truly two-dimensional world dictate that the inhabitants could never view each other?