Flatland Questions

Frances Yue

Here are my questions about Edwin Abbott Abbott's "Flatland"

1. I have a question regarding the women of Flatland. I don't understand Flatland genetics. Is there any distinction among females? Abbott, in the voice of A. Square, wrote that sometimes marriages were carefully arranged to produce equilateral children. Did women have any distinguishing features? The only thing I found in the text was that wives of circles could swing themselves more gracefully than women of other classes who looked like pendulums.

2. Was the idea of a Flatland supposed to be a parody on the narrow, or flat view, of people Abbott knew? One would think that a flat view is not as rich as a three dimensional one. If it was a parody, who was it of?

3. Has anything been written since Abbott's work that is set in Flatland? I kept thinking as I was reading the book, that Flatland is such a complete world that a whole series of stories might have been written after "Flatland" from the perspective of other shapes that lived there.