Hugh Lassen

PHEW, back to a chapter that I understood. My mathematical background was quite thin but, I think that at some point I should have been taught specifically about the five axioms of Euclidean Plane Geometry. Even when I was four years old, living in Scotland, Euclidean plane geometry would have been revlevent as I took my ten pence and walked from one point, namely my house, to the sweet shop. Ahh the possible application of mathematics, its boundless......

Non- Euclidean geometry was a little confusing, more specifically the different aspects of it were not that clear, perhaps because they aren't.

I have been wondering about the short story I wrote about Huygen's principal that holds in three dimensions but not in two. In fact I discovered, through reading Walter Strauss's book, that it holds in solely odd dimensions, 3,5,7,9,.... Therefore, does this mean that there would be neverending waves in four space. Could there be hyper-cubes that would be shattered by a fourth dimensional wave that got inside them and got bounced around? And again would this occur in six dimensions.