Chapter 3

Hugh Lassen

I think that I have finally figured this out, the HTML I mean. Great picture of Edwin, although he's a little serious.

As chapter two introduced a new way of thinking about translating to the fourth dimension so does chapter 3. Here we are introduced to cross sections and Contours. In the third dimension we can use slices to predict possible shapes and it might be interesting to make an exercise that engaged the reader. For example;

If the reader were to imagine living in A Square's world and being visited by a regular semtrical object from spaceland.

I awoke from a most horrible dream in which I felt as if I was falling towards the restricted Lineland. When I arrived there I found myself trapped in a sort of gravitational pull that was coming from the line. I noticed the king and his subjects growing longer as I fell. I quickly spun around so that my powerful jet thruster was pushing me towards flatland, but all was to no avail as I had not eaten breakfast that morning, and therefore had little gaseous propellant left. Grotesque images were blasting into my mind about my iminent future. The most alarming being that I might be reduced and compressed to the low level of a woman - imagine that, what would Timmy, my cheeky hexagonal son think, not to mention my friends at the club. Even while I slept I felt the intensity of the light on my cheeks strengthen as I blushed profusely

The pulling had increased and my reserve methane was almost finished - it was time to prepare for a crash. This was done by shifting my insides to the southern end of my body so as to reduce the internal flying debris upon impact. I faintly remember my wife's monotonous voice explaining how the "emergency exits are located at the rear," but there was no time to perform the timeconsuming exit which involved diagonally slicing myself in two, leaving all my heavy unessential insides in one triangle and escaping in the other.

The moment of impact was ten centimeters away, how much longer did I have? It being a very foggy morning in Lineland I was able to gauge the distance very accuratly. I was also able to compute the speed of the gravatational pull and worked out that I had only ten seconds to live. My lungs were about to burst, yet I couldn't scream as all the air had been rapidly transported through my gastro-intestinal tract to be used as fuel. Ten seconds later I thought I would die, as it happened I was slowly pulled through Lineland with exactly the same force. It was the most unbelievable feeling to be dragged through without having to propel oneself. Sweating I awoke in my room in Flatland.

The last time I had a dream about Lineland I was visited by a sphere from Spaceland, perhaps I was to be visited again. I began to try and make sense of what had happened. All of sudden I heard a booming voice outside in the garden. Looking out there was nothing to be seen, then, I noticed something through the fog, just south of the birch tree was a point. It was a visit, it must be, running out I grabbed my clip board. As I ran I began to thinlk of last nights dream and of my computed velocity - that was it, that was the point of the dream. This person was moving at 1cm a second. Quickly starting the clock as the point began to expand into small, regular circles, I recorded the following data;

1 second 0.8cm

2 seconds 1.7cm

3 seconds 2.5cm

4 3.2

5 4

6 4.7

7 5.5

8 6.2

9 7

10 7.7

And then It dissappeared in a flash. What was I to make of this data? What do you?

what is the volume?