Mathematician Visited By Higher Dimensional Being

(Four Space)-Yesterday, in the four space city of J-------, a promising mathematician, specializing in higher dimensions, claimed to have been visited by a being from the "fifth dimension."

"It(the visit) was the most awe inspiring sight I have ever seen," the mathematician exclaimed. "Never have I seen so much beauty, so much dimension."

The mathematician went on to explain that the five dimensional being had decided that it was time for the four dimensional world to realize that the forth dimension was not the highest dimension in existence. It therefore decided to "appear" to the mathematician, because the mathematician was a front runner in fifth dimensional theory. In addition, the five dimensional being attempted to explain the finer mathematics, biology, and physiology of five dimensional beings.

With this five dimensional being sighting, it has come to the attention of many scientists and psychiatrists that it may be time for the fourth dimension to communicate with the third dimension. To this date, every four dimensional being has been explicitly forbidden by law to communicate with the third dimension. Yet, many analysts are predicting a change in this law, especially with this new dimensional sighting. Many scientists and mathematicians are beginning to think that the best way for us, as four dimensional beings, to understand the fifth dimension is by visiting a three dimensional world and observing how the three dimensional beings attempt to understand a dimension that they do not have the liberty of moving in. Then, the scientists believe we, as four dimensional beings, will have the knowledge and the ability to attempt to understand the fifth dimension.