Dear Prof, I hope that this makes it onto the web, but if not, I will email it to you. I wanted to write about time and dimensionality, because I spent the weekend up in NYC discussing it with a close friend of mine. She has gotten involved with some people who believe that anybody can be "psychic," clarifying that what that means is accessing other dimensions of time and perception. Nova (my friend) set it up for me in terms of time. She began with a moment, which is zero dimensional, and has no freedom of movement. Then she portrayed time passing, or our lives in terms of one dimensions. For example, just as the King of Lineland, we have no "real" understanding of coexisting time or perception parallel to our "line." Interactions with other people and things simply become moments incorporated into our line, just as the King of Lineland may run into things that he perceives as dots. We may experience time passing in someone else's universe, but only as a sequence of points, or moments. Nova brought "psychic" connections in as a second dimension. If all people's time and experience exists on a line, perhaps the "psychic" sense, the sense that one understands suddenly the past and present experience of a person or object that one comes into contact with. Just as A Square visits the King and can poke him from his side in a way that the King does not understand, occasionally we are hit from the side by other people's time-experience lines. We are not used to registering from this part of our bodies, or minds, just as the King does not know how to process stimulation to his stomach, so we pass it off as a creepy coincedence or "deja vu." Neither of us had the vocabulary or the experience to discuss this very proficiently or articulately, but if anything, artistically, the concept of a plane of time that we are not aware of is very exciting. Do you have any thoughts on this?

Prof. Banchoff's Response