7# {      . NNNN X bb"xN Q*{ Q6QQ{QQQQQQProfessor Banchoff-- Firstly, more on my artist friend. I have been photocopying some of the stuff that I have written about and that I have read and have sent it to her. I think at the end of the course I will send her my book. This week ended with my reading The Fourth Dimension Simply Explained, a fascinating collection of essays on the fourth dimension. The really interesting thing about these essays was the difference in attitude between those authors and contemporary ones. Many of the essays that I read seemed to suppose that we could understand the fourth dimension, that it too was something that with enough force we could figure out. Some authors conceded that it was beyond our comprehension, but they were in the minority. Most of them discussed the fourth dimension as something that existed within human beings, whether that was the soul, or the mind, or dreams. That was an interesting hypothesis. One author discussed dreams as the fourth dimension, because of the way years could go by in the matter of seconds, just as a four dimensional cone entering our universe would appear. Simultaneous succession, he called it. The most fascinating subject that the essays discussed was reversal of orientation, which I am going to incorporate into my story in some way. A question that I had that referred to the reading in the book as well as my outside reading was that of the perfect square, cube, hypercube, etcetra. In Chapter 3 of B3D, as well as in the sixteenth (I think) essay in Fourth Dimension Simply Explained, you state that no one has ever seen a perfect square or cube... I have always been taught that this is true, but why is this true? What is the difference between the square that I see and a perfect square? Another question: in the sixteenth essay, which was by far my favorite essay, the author talks about an existence of the fourth dimension in the reversal of orientation of certain atoms. If we cannot perceive action in the fourth dimension (ie, a four dimensional rotation) how do we perceive the reversal of these atoms? Do we just understand the results, and infer what has occurred? If we were to blow up that reversal of orientation until it could be seen by the whole class, however, what would people see? Thats all. jennifer clare uNNumerics.tem! !For_Pow.erho0 !MA8_Web.Seho !Documen.tato Documentation !index.htm_ index.htmlr !Tutoria.ls Tutorials ImagesPBImages ma8ma8 MacHTTP.log MacHTTP.log !Documen.tatoM MacHTTP.gifdeM MacHTTP.gifdeHTTP.gifde MacHTTP.gifde~`6V,  @ !h!h!h!h!h     e   !" HH(FG(HH(d'@=/R@H-:LaserJet 4Si MX BookmanPalatino  EE