Kenny Liu

Upon seeing him you wouldn't think much. 20 years old, 5 feet tall, glasses, and a timidity that comes naturally from being small a very long time. He never compensated, put on airs or carried a weapon. Indeed, he was very unassuming in his manner letting others make of him what they wished. If he had above average intelligence or a marked propensity for wit, it never manifested in his conduct. He usually spent his days quietly going about his work, typing books into computers for $4.75 an hour. Not much to live on, but with public assistance he was able to live in a group home and save some money for his retirement. Ambitions he had none of. To many it seemed as if he simply got by. In their heads beneath the distractions of the moment they asked themselves what kept him going. How could he live without conflict, interaction, affection? Behind his back they discussed whether he might be Satan or Buddha and laughed at the mystery amongst them. He was hated by some for his apparent disdain for the world around him. By others he was even admired because of the calm detachment with which he carried himself. However both observations were incorrect in their assumptions - fabrications of the minds that thought them. Curiously it was noticed that while he had no interests per se, he seemed interested in the world around him. Little things he took notice of, a shadow moving across his desk might catch his attention and he might occasionally look around at the people around him. Attempts to socialize with him were laughable. He just didn't connect or click. He might as well have been an alien....at least seen from the third dimension! If we were to peer into the next dimension, however, it would all become clear. You would see that this colorless man was in actuality some 4th dimenensional guy's ass!