Comments on Beyond 3d

Kenny Liu

Some observations from chapter 7:

For what it's worth, I've actually seen Naum Gabo's sculpture "Linear Construction in Space No. 1" in person. Dave Stanke and I went to the Portland Art Museum over winter break and there it was. It looks better in the picture. Up close you can see the glue and how not all the strings are evenly spaced.

There seems to be an optical illusion on page 148 with the top picture. The red, orange, and yellow waves appear to "pop out" of the page. I think this has to do with the fact that these "warm" colors are superimposed over "cool" colors (green, blue, & purple). Perhaps the mind inherently pulls warm colors to the front because things that are closer are brighter and moves cool colors into the background because if things are farther away they are duller. I'll bet before the onset of computer modelling this phenomenon would have been a tremendously useful technique in visualizing three dimensional structures using only a two dimensional medium.

The term oscillation came to mind while I was reading the chapter. From my crude understanding of the term from high school physics, it seemed to apply to pendulums, wave fronts and focal curves. Is there a subgroup of configuration spaces that exhibit oscillation effects?

Prof. Banchoff's response