Comments on Beyond 3d

Kenny Liu

Great. After reading the third chapter, I feel woefully inadequate experiencing realtiy in 3d. I'm living in pond-scum, at least that's the image that comes to mind. A couple of thousand years ago I might have felt like I was chained in a cave and forced to watch shadow-puppet theatre, but today I feel like I'm living in pond-scum. In any case, this divine revelation is humbling.

Let's further this analogy. The pond-scum that I'm living in is the present. I can imagine my hyperself being dipped into the pond (birth), interacting with other scum (life), and finally sinking below the surface out of the present (death). If you want to introduce God into the picture imagine him sitting on the crapper and...ha, ha, ha well you get the idea. Words can only go so far.