Welcome! It’s good to have you all back again!

Let me start by saying relax. Some of you may feel a little disoriented, but be encouraged by one of the numerous commanlities you will soon discover amongst yourselves - death. You all died today. Relax, relax! I will take care of introductions and all of the other necessary details in good time. For the present, just try to focus, and get a sense of your new self, or as you will see - regain as sense of your old self!

Now, like it does every time, it grieves me to use the word “dead.” Similarly I struggle with pronouns other than “I”. In fact, I have quite a hard time resorting to any of your notions of mundane existence. Many of you had some vague conceptions in your time on earth of what reality truly is. Names such as Walter Whitman and Siddartha Guatama come to mind, and oh yes, even the Native Americans had a good run at it. But unfortunately, most of you missed the unifying dimensional boat entirely. For the sake of this orientation, however, I will stick with your former understandings of existence, for you newcomers - especially you Americans, are so stubborn when confronted with your new identity.

Let me explain your current condition by analogy. Imagine a sphere. It can be a ball, an orange, whatever. You must realize two things about the sphere. First, it is the tangible, three dimensional object that you are imagining. BUT, it is also a stack of infinite concentric circles, each with minuscule variations in radius from the circles above and below it. Now imagine that each of these different circles which make up the sphere are made to be autonomous and live as two dimensional beings in a two dimensional world. The fundamental resemblance between these circles would be all too obvious to the three dimensional sphere looking into this “flatland.” However, these beings would not only lack the ability to fathom the sphere from whence they came, but they would become so entangled with the idea of their own individuality that they would surely lose sight of the fact that they are all circles which are inherently linked to one another. In popular culture, this ambition for uniqueness and rejection of a universal “circleness” would even be emphasized.

Thus is your condition. You are all slices of me, a four dimensional being. On earth you intersected, and thus were self-governing. Here, you are free to rove about within the consciousness of every human being who ever lived and who ever will live. You are no place in particular, you are no one in particular. You are everywhere, you are everyone. Since my slices are infinite, humans of past, present and future are part of you. Your childhood idol, your great great great great grand nephew are all like another cell in my body, another circle in the sphere. Previously, you would perceive this as transcending the restrains of time, but you will learn to appreciate the simplicity of my single being, unified and four dimensional.

And what does this mean? Well, have you ever wanted to understand the theory of relativity? Have you ever wondered of the thoughts swimming through the mind of Judas as he kissed Jesus upon the cheek and betrayed him? Have you ever known Nirvana? Now, having recovered your true essence of being, you not only share the thoughts, feelings and experiences of any person, but you are each and every one of these thoughts feelings and experiences. For instance, slice number, ummmm, let’s see, 5, 672, 266, 919. You, sir, will not only finally have the time to read War and Peace, but you will experience Tolstoy’s passion and miserable obsession of the six painful years of its composition. This is just an example of your unlimited experience. You are the Nobel peace prize of the year 2010. You can hear your frenzied heart beat surge in your temples as you slither along the muddy floor of s South American jungle, amidst a chaotic tumult of ancient tribal warfare. Your hands are dexterous and smooth as Wagner’s, yet calloused and creased as those of an ancient Egyptian pyramid builder.

However, here I must remind you of something. I am not God. My omniscience is your collective knowledge, my perfection is the perfection of the human scale, my existence is your aggregate experience. My only power is the fact of my being. I must also remind you, and you will soon discover, that this is not paradise. You don’t know what you know quite yet, and the experiences of every other human being may seem quite intimidating. You may feel this is a bold and unfair imposition, that it encroaches on your sense of identity. You may even yearn for memories that are unique and exclusive. I must remind you, though, that all of these memories are your own. You are not you, you were never “you.” Only for a brief blink in eternity were you severed from your true identity and placed on earth, and soon enough the transient and petty flame of your former “self” will flicker and die out pathetically, as you become once again accustomed to the eternal nature of this, the ultimate truth.

So welcome home once more, and get settled. Your three dimensional tendencies towards pride and autonomy will subside with time. It’s not like you have a choice. “Choice” was something of three dimensions, and so were you.