Flatland Questions

Mark Cecil

Here are my questions on Faltland.

First, in teh preface to teh second edition by the editor, waht is called "extra hieght" is described, to tackled the problem of visibility of lines that are infinelty thin in flatland. I don not undersatnd this.

Secondly, regardingphysics in flatland (which I realize in many cases is beside the point), their menas of moving from one place to another confuses me - and this is an integral part of just about every aspect of faltalnd existence. ANd tangental to that - who do you think would be the gretaer warrior, a very small isosceles triangle travelling against "gravity" (the steady pull southward) northwards, or a very alrge warrior traingle traveling with gravity southward?

Finally, the narrator names the most prestigious university in flatland: The University of Wentbridge. THE point to be made here is on the "bridge". Obviously, flatlnders speak English, and there is no alternate meaning to the word "bridge" that I can think of (unless one were to get very absract and declare that this university "bridges" the gap between boyhood and adulthood - but I feell that that is highly unlikely). SO , I am wondering if this is a slight foul up Abbott's behalf, for a bridge necessarily implies to separate physical planes. one moving over the other, which is impossible in Faltalnd.