Dimension Story story.html Being merely a hexagon in his first year at university, I have discovered that I have to find different ways of exploring life through different perspectives. One way I have found to be extremely stimulating is the use of various illegal substances. And so this is my story about what it's like to take a trip through the very recesses of your mind. {Now, I know, I know, not another drug story. But wait, listen, I don't think anyone truly appreciates what can be experienced when on certain drugs. Most kids at school are programmed with all of that propaganda passed out by our government. because of it, they are scared away from these substances. Now I'm not here to support the use of drugs. I just want to present the other side of the argument. And there are definitely some redeeming qualities (which still might not override the cons), but it only seems fair to let people know what these redeeming qualities are instead of merely scaring them.} Usually, just a bunch of us at school get together and smoke up (smoke marijuana) or 'shroom (eat some hallucinogenic mushrooms). On a occassion we are joined by some squares or heptagons but usually it's just us hexagons. Most squares and pentagons don't seem to have ever gotten past their general fear of drugs (due directly to the fried egg commercial they saw when they were young), and those with more than six sides seem to take an aloof stance and tend to enjoy looking down on us as lower life forms for actually taking an illegal substance. It's like another dimension, but you're looking at it from your own perspective. Suddenly you can picture everything just a little differently; colors become more vivid, angles that much sharper, and movement that much more fluid. It's funny, because sometimes when I'm stoned I pull out my favorite books, and they seem to come to life right before my eyes. The words of authors like Jack Squarouac and Soren Circlegaard are inspirational even when I'm not stoned, but, when taken to this other level, they become a new source of energy for me to comprehend. Music too becomes that much more powerful. Each note seems so crystal clear that it sometimes feels like you're listening to a totally new song. You expecially can't go wrong with Led Zepelline. Having always been my favorite band, I'm still constantly awe-inspired when I listen to them stoned. Well, that's what I've got to say. Maybe this will spark some interest among many. Maybe it won't. I just hope that this helps to paint a clearer picture of drugs and show that there are also positives to drugs and not just negatives.