Flatland Questions

Scott Bell

Here are my three questions regarding Flatland. While I had read the book before, I think the first time I missed a lot that could actually be inferred between the lines. Alright, my questions are listed below. Not all of them deal with the math of Flatland, but I feel they would help me with some basic questions I have regarding the book:

1) Despite the basic fact that Flatland is 2-dimensional in character, could Flatland be on a curving plane (such as the Earth's surface) and not just be on a purely flat plane as might be generally assumed?

2) Did Abbott take the character of the "evil" leader of the Color Rebellion from anyone in particular that was around in his time period or was it purely a fictional character (or rather, shape)?

3) Was there ever a sequel written to Flatland (perhaps not by Abbott himself but by someone else later on)? I seem to remember reading both Flatland and another similar book in 9th grade Geometry.

By the way, I found a link to a relatively decent edition of Flatland. It is at the following site. Anyway, the guy doesn't misspell the second word, so it's an improvement:

www.alcyone.com/max/lit/flatland/ Hope this helps, Scott