Response from Prof. B.

It took me a while but I managed to get rid of a lot of the extraneous characters that were clogging up your response. I'm not sure why "simpletext" is acting so strangely when you try to use it to place a response in the slot.

You mentioned "A Wrinkle in Time", at least indirectly, and I was just talking this evening to the producer of the prospective film, Catherine Hand. She is feeling a bit pessimistic these days about her life-long project. She fears that no one will ever be able to come up with a script that Madeleine L'Engle would approve. You can see a good discussion of the transition process from children's book to movie in the Sunday New York Times of a week ago.

I like your idea of building a Moebius band out of a reflective surface, although I don't think it would produce a very dramatic effect. I could be wrong. Do you have a material in mind?

You might consider a problem in three-space that is analogous to the twisting that is impossible in the plane, where we start with not a surface but a solid cylinder and then try to fulfil the challenge to identify the two ends, but with a reversal of orientation. We would be in the same quandary as a Flatlander trying to assemble the Moebius band, I'd say.