Response from Prof. B.

Right now I'm cross with myself because for the first time in recent weeks I managed to write a response and then erase it irrevocably. I can still recreate the gist of my comments, but I'm not happy about it.

I agreed about the coloration and rendering of the Klein bottle in the show and said that in future (interactive) versions of B3D, a reader could see the whole history of our work on graphics by comparing the various renderings we have produced over the years.

I also had a few comments about the Gauss mappings, most of which were directed at suggesting that Math 106 is a good thing for any person to take who is interested in the geometry of physics.

With respect to a Moebius band in real life, I think we encountered more than one in class on Monday this week, right?

I ended by saying I looked forward to the final presentations coming up next week. That's about it.