Response from Prof. B.

Yes, there is something to be said for spreading an idea out over the course of a semester. Maybe that's what they mean by a "course"?

With respect to juggling, I hope that sometime you will give a demonstration of the dimension concept as it comes into that enterprise. After reading your response, I spent a rather fruitless time looking at the first hundred items that came up after a Netsearch for that key word. What I was hoping to find was an on-line demo by Ron Graham, head researcher at AT&T, former president of the Mathematical Association of America as well as the chief international juggling association, whatever that is. He is also a classmate of mine in graduate school at Berkeley; at least we came at the same time--he already had his thesis results in his pocket when he arrived. He's a good fellow, and an immensely entertaining lecturer, as you might imagine.

So, can you come up with some worthwhile links to the world of juggling? And how about that fellow, is it "Mosche" or something, who juggles inside a triangular frame or other geometric objects? How does that change the dimensionality. if at all?