Thank you for your reflections, and for the fine work throughout the course. I must admit that the colored backgrounds were sometimes difficult for me to read, and perhaps there is some implied psych experiment there, on perception of contrasts in various combinations. Your links to Psychology 51 opened up an invitation for students to connect with other courses they are taking, and that I am sure will be a big part of the course in the future.

The "competition" to find flashier uses of the internet is a healthy enterprise, at this experimental and exploratory stage of electronic communication. I agree that a session on the ins and outs of HTML would have been good, and will definitely be included in the future.

The problem-solving aspects of this course never did take shape as I had hoped, but since other aspects were developing well, I didn't stress it. It should be possible to work things in more systematically in another version of the course, especially if we can get this conferencing software operating. Perhaps people have some suggestions on how this sort of interchange might have been fostered more effectively? I did try to throw out some problems every once in a while, things like the three utilities problem or embedding the complete graph on six or seven vertices in a torus, but by and large these did not seem to be amenable to paperless response. As html supports more and more graphics, this should take care of itself.

I look forward to the presentation of the Cosmology Group tomorrow, and I will make my final comments once that is over.